What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a partnership between you (the affiliate) and a merchant (Crazy Rewards) whereby the affiliate is compensated for referring business, in this case depositing players to one or more websites. An Affiliate Program allows you to convert website traffic into money by means of marketing.

How much is it to join Crazy Rewards?

It is absolutely free to join and there are no hidden fees or costs. Simply click to sign up and fill out our registration form and you can get promoting straightaway. Your account will automatically be created and you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID that tracks the number of players you send to us each month.

What brands does Crazy Rewards Cover?

Scratch card and Casino brands; Viking Slots, Netticasino.com, Nettiarpa.com, Kultakaivos, and MrSpil.

Do I need a website to work as an Affiliate?

A majority of our partners promote our brands through websites they have created. We also find that online marketing is more cost effective and responsive than traditional advertising. If you do not have a website, contact one of our representatives and we will be happy to advise you.

Does my application get approved automatically?

Your online application is received by our team immediately and checked personally. We aim to assess all submissions within 72 hours. We generally approve 95% of applications but in the case that you are requested to provide more information or your application is unsuccessful, we will contact you by email.

How much money can I make through Crazy Rewards?

How much money you make depends on you – the sky is the limit! You can earn up to 40% of revenue generated by the players you send. The more effective your marketing efforts, the more you will earn. At Crazy Rewards your earnings are uncapped. They are worked out on Net gaming revenue as detailed in our terms and conditions. There is no negative carryover should your earnings go into minus on any given month except as detailed relating to fraud or chargebacks.

When can I expect to receive payment?

You can expect to receive your commission payment on a monthly basis. Payments are usually made in the middle of each month. The time taken to process the transaction will depend on the payment method you have selected – our minimum payments for wire transfer is €300 and for Skrill and Neteller the minimum payment is €50

How do I get started?

Once you have signed up and your application is approved, you will gain access to a whole host of marketing materials. You can get started quickly and easily by adding one or more of our banners on to your website. Most partners also write a short review to tell players a little bit more about each of our products. Should you need any help getting started, please feel free to email your dedicated account manager or contact us at [email protected]

Can I promote more than one Crazy Rewards brand?

Of course, you are free to promote one or all of our brands on as many of your websites as you wish. You will be able to select which brands you would like to promote when filling out our registration form during signing up.

Note: Crazy Rewards applies bundling policy. If one of our members is for example promoting multiple brands within our programme, and one month one of the brands has negative balance, then that negative balance will be deducted from the positive balance generated by the other brands.

Will Crazy Rewards update or maintain my website at all?

No. You will be fully responsible for maintaining and adding content to the website/s you use to promote our brands. If I need any technical assistance or help, you should contact the Crazy Rewards team by emailing [email protected] and we will make sure to route your inquiry to the relevant member of staff. Alternatively, you can contact your account manager directly with any questions you may have.

What should I be aware of?

Crazy Rewards operates a very strict anti-spam policy and does not tolerate partners sending out spam of any kind to potential players. If it is reported, or if we find that a partner has sent out unsolicited emails or any other material without the consent of the recipient, we will be forced to close down his/her affiliate account and any earnings owed will be forfeited. Crazy Rewards also prohibits partners from using the url or keywords of any of its brands in Google, Yahoo and MSN PPC campaigns. The inclusion of our brand names, including the promotion of these brands as an, 'official' site, will violate our agreement and lead to non-payment of commission.